The cell phone information mill altering with designer brands teaming an eye on manufacturers to create new and classy cell phone models bearing the designer company’s names and logos.

It had been somewhat over few years ago the saw the first ‘designer phone’ for purchase within the United kingdom market, it had been the Motorola V3i D&G, a hybrid model created relating to the manufacturer Motorola along with the designer company Dolce and Gabanna. It had been a gold coloured phone that got stick out amonst other models plus it was branded while using the D&G emblem across the reverse..

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This excellent handset produced a buzz among mobile enthusiasts and saw good sales figures for Motorola, the following phone to obtain created transporting out a cooperation in the manufacturer and designer outfit was typically the most popular LG Prada phone, the LG KE850. It absolutely was slightly completely different from the Motorola offering since it wasn’t a gift model that have been branded but new which was purely available because the Prada phone.

A lot more new designer phones are increasingly more being launched with Mandarina Duck, Ted Baker and Bang & Olufsen all now getting models available and new choices from Giorgio Armani and Porsche coming. A few of individuals handsets are collaborations relating to the major manufacturers along with the designer company like the Bang & Olufsen and Ted Baker with Samsung, whereas other are handsets which will launch without any reference to manufacturer but rather simply show the business name and emblem within the designer.

This may cause some confusion for consumers as existing models already heavily promote their specifications featuring broadly, these new handsets ought to be researched completely to obtain the exact specifications available.

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Among it absolutely was a cooperation between Vodafone and Mclaren Mercedes for the Mclaren Samsung Z720, although it was marketed as being a Z720 model it didn’t support the same features as some are actually removed such as the built-in flash for the onboard camera.

A part of a little Selection of Designer Cell Phones which are restricted to The Carphone Warehouse is jeans giant Levi Strauss & Co’s first Levi’s branded cell phone, created by Modelabs, french design house located in Paris.

Unique inside the design, the Levi’s phone may be customised in 500 strategies to incorperate your own touch which makes it yours.

The casing includes stainless obtaining a patterned finish which similar to their jeans is difficult, resilient and sexy and you will be available in Shiny Silver and glossy Sand variants obtaining a mirrored screen for that many as Metallic Silver, Brown and black Copper Brown for the Gents.

The Levi’s Cell Phone is outfitted obtaining a couple megapixel camera with video record, Ipod, 1.8 inch Live view screen screen, 40MB memory with sdcard expansion and includes Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Technology.