Fashion Designing is applying one’s creativity, knowledge, imagination, and skills to make new outfits. Today’s generation is more interested in the fashion world. Teenagers of the present generation love to wear fashionable clothes and it can also be seen how superbly they create fusions of clothes and make them look more fashionable. Fashion Designing is a very competitive profession, for this reason, aspirant fashion designers should prepare themselves in such a way that they can handle tough situations and can be in a good working position. A fashion designer is one who designs beautiful, eye-catching designs which inspire other fashion designers to create trendy outfits. To be a fashion designer there are a few steps that are needed to be followed. 

First and foremost, to become a fashion designer, aspirant designers should do a proper course on fashion design at a reputed and good college. Choosing the right course is important as during the course students get to know about the primary concepts of design, ideas of fashion designing, and many more things related to the fashion industry. To be a good fashion designer concept of designs, textiles, colour schemes, and many other things should be strong and clear. 

There are many fashion design course in Kolkata, INIFD Saltlake is an established and popular design institute that provides its students best academic knowledge with 100% placement assurance. Here, students get to understand various job opportunities in the fashion design field. 

Interior designing is the scientific artwork of creating an efficient layout of a room. They increase a room’s potential in terms of use and aesthetics by keeping into account the purpose of the room and the style desired by the client. The whole process of work is done in a systematic way by organizing curtains, furniture, interior pieces of stuff, etc to make the room looks comfortable and beautiful. People are getting interested in taking interior design as a career option. As people from rural areas are moving out and settling in urban areas. Population in urban areas is increasing and as the standard of living is also increasing people are hiring interior designers to décor the interior of their homes. 

However, to be an interior designer and to get success in this field of design.

  • Students need to be creative and adaptable. So, that they can work for all sort clients and make designs.
  • Aspirant interior designers should choose the right course for interior design. After completing the degree students get a clear idea of the interior design world.
  • One must have own style of creative design. To be unique from other designers.
  • One must have good taste in the selection of colours, furniture, and other interior stuff. As these things are important to make an interior space look good.
  • Interior designers can take inspiration from nature, tradition, etc in order to make their styles unique from others. 

Interior designing course, prepare students to take whatever challenges come on their way courageously and make them more and more passionate about interior designing.