November 24, 2022


In the live-action version of Dr Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Martha May Whovier plays a significant role. She was once in love with Mayor Augustus May who is The Grinch’s girlfriend. While Landry Allbright played 8-year-old Martha May, she was portrayed by Christine Baranski.

Life Of Martha May Whovier

The Grinch was bullied for his appearance when Martha May Whovier was a child, and Martha was the only one who ever treated him nicely. As she touched his cheek with her fingers, she made a flirtatious remark about how much she liked the colours red and green.

This astonished The Grinch, who decided to give her a gift in return for her feelings. Using an old bicycle horn, cutlery, and crushed gemstones from vintage jewellery, he created a handcrafted Christmas angel. He shaved after recalling how Augustus May had made fun of his beard. He sustained multiple facial injuries as a result, so he wore a brown paper bag over his head before leaving for school.

When The Grinch gave Martha his gift the following day, his teacher instructed him to take the paper bag off. Other students laughed and teased him for trying to shave to impress Martha after he revealed his face, which was covered in cuts from the attempt.

He stormed off in a passion before Martha could shield him from the jeers and has been living on a mountain ever since. Martha still had feelings for him years later, but she never saw him again.

More On It

Over the years, Martha developed into a stunning and fashionable woman. Cindy’s mother Betty Lou Who and Martha started competing in the annual light decorating competition, which Martha consistently wins (mainly due to Martha’s financial status). She not only competes with her, but she also lives next door to The Lou Who.

She is then shown sharing with Cindy what she remembered about The Grinch from their shared youth, and she unintentionally admits to having a crush on him.

Martha is appalled by The Mayor’s actions at the party. She might be seen cheering The Grinch on from a distance while concealing her actual emotions.

Augustus uses the opportunity presented by the Gift Pass On to formally ask Martha to marry him. She was unable to express herself and departed with mixed feelings because she is in love with The Grinch. The Grinch interrupts her before she can respond to the proposal and launches into a tirade about how commercial and frivolous Christmas has become.

She decides to consider Augustus’ proposal till the next day. The Grinch broke into May Who’s a bedroom that night and took her engagement ring while she and everyone in Whoville slept. By Christmas morning, Martha sees how Augustus, even though it was his fault, publicly blames Cindy Lou for what transpired.

When Lou stands up for Cindy, she hears Lou’s speech on the real purpose of the holiday, is moved by it, and comes to the realisation that Christmas is also about spending time with your loved ones.

In the conclusion, the Grinch has changed, and Martha decides to call off the wedding, return Augustus’ engagement ring, and declare that The Grinch has her heart.