September 2022


Visiting a hair salon is a luxury experience for your customers. While providing a satisfying experience is vital, first impressions also play a crucial role in building a loyal customer base. 

You want people to keep returning to your hair salon, and everything there matters. Everything from friendly service to the looks of the salon will contribute to generating profits from your customers. 

When building a salon selecting the correct design is a significant part. To ensure your salon looks eye-catching to your customers, you must hire Lanvain hair salon design to get the best of everything. 

Ideas for designing your hair salon 

  • Natural design

If you are looking for simple and natural hair salon design HARI’s Hairdressers is a perfect idea. It adds an elegant look to your salon but does not make it too heavy on the eyes. This design theme has primary elements like plants, eclectic interiors, and minimal furniture, so it does not take up too much space. 

This design is the perfect match for salons on a budget. Moreover, you also opt for this design if you have limited salon space and do not want to clutter it with too many elements. 

  • Open concept design 

Open concept designs add a modern and urban touch to your salons. If you want your customers to have the ultimate experience of modern luxury, an open-concept design is the best choice for your upcoming hair salon. Moreover, you can add a combination of white walls and brick textures to your salon to complete the look. 

The white walls will make the salon look open. And breathable, while the bricky texture will add more warmth to neutralize the cool tones of the white. With that, you can add some sleek and high-quality furniture like black lounge units and white storage carts or trolleys to enhance the whole aura of the hair salon.  

  • Minimalist salon design 

You can never go wrong with a modern and minimalist design for your hair salon. Use a shed of white and black to compliment the entire look of your salon. Add some urban elements like contemporary lighting, simple-looking chairs, etc. However, adding all the black and white features might make your salon look dull, so adding a few excitements throw in some color like a pastel or olive green for that extra pop. 

Adding colored elements like sofas or tables will further complete the look giving your customers the perfect simple yet chic vibe from the salon and not making their experience too daunting.