It was the time when the fisherman used those old clothes when fishing, just as the equipment evolved and became what they are today; the same happened with the clothes for fishing. It even prevents burns when you are in very strong sun.

Okay, But What’s The Advantage?

Several roles have their specific costumes. Have you ever seen a racing driver without his overalls or players in a football match without their full uniform? Of course, not? But there’s more: most fishing clothes are developed to have numerous qualities such as UV protection (which causes burns), are ventilated (dissipate heat well), and have MTK sublimated shirts that, in addition to all these advantages, still dry very fast when wet!

Nice, but are they too expensive?

Considering that an official football team shirt cost more today and does not have all the advantages that a fishing outfit such as fishing pants for instance can offer, it is more affordable! In addition to all the protection, some shirts have numerous deep and resistant pockets, ideal for storing all kinds of gear.

But What About Pants? Do They Exist?

Sure! There are fishing pants with technology as high as shirts, with UV protection, ventilated, comfortable and quick drying. What’s more: knowing that many fishing trips start as soon as the sun rises over the horizon and extends throughout the day, many models of these pants easily become shorts. And an exclusive novelty from MTK is an exclusive pocket for cell phones!

And In The Head?

As a good fishery usually lasts many hours, we are exposed to the weather during our favorite leisure. A good hat with protection against mosquitoes allows good head mobility and has all the UV protection that MTK caps and hats can offer.

What Are The Essential Items In A Fishing Outfit?

Unlike many imagine, this outfit is not just a t-shirt and shorts. Some accessories are also part of the fishing clothes and offer great security to fishers. Therefore, we will mention below all the essential items to guarantee the benefits evidenced in the previous topic.

Importance Of Caps And Hats

Fishers face considerable variations in the weather, so in the sun and rain, they are firm in fishing. Therefore, caps and hats are essential to protect the head and avoid problems such as malaise, discomfort, and even heat stroke and burns. These items greatly help to avoid the sun and offer protection against all insects amid fishing.

So, when choosing your cap or hat, make sure it won’t hamper your vision head movement, especially if it has UV protection.